Bowled over by Brazil

Into Brazil, into Portuguese. Dont worry, well translate.

Having cruised past the 10,000km mark this week, we took a moment to assess how much further there is to go. Of the approximate 20,000km remaining if we had gone through Bolivia and straight into Peru, this minor detour to Brazil is adding a cool 10,000km. Is it worth it? Oh yes.

There are MORE TOUCANS here! And TURTLES! And CROCODILES! And SNAKES! (And possible mafia and gun crime, but we haven’t come across that yet.) Our first main drive in Brazil was with Benedito, a great-grandfather of 74 years, and on our journey with him through the Pantanal we saw each one of these creatures, plus birds galore, and a dead jaguar! 


And the FRUITS! Oh, the fruits. We are having a good time pretending we know what they all are, which we absolutely do not.

Go on, see how many you know... using Google Translate is cheating.

Go on, see how many you know (using Google Translate is cheating).

And then there are our new friends.  Aside from Benedito, our drivers have included Marcus and Paolo on Tuesday, Zañir on Thursday, Mih on Friday and Vicente on Saturday, all of whom we shared meals with. Many thanks to all!

Paolo and Marcus, our first drivers from the Bolivian border.

Pizza at Zanir and Admir’s

Pizza at Zanir and Admir’s.

Mih helps us on our way

Mih helps us on our way.


Lunch with Vicente at his sister’s home

Lunch with Vicente at his sister’s home.

This weekend we’re biding our time in a city called Cascavel (apparently there are loads of guns here, but we are trying not to think about them too much) before heading to the famous waterfalls of Iguaçu. Clouds: don’t you dare descend. 

In case it sounds like we’ve got our blinkers on, we can confirm that the grasp of the English language still leaves something to be desired.


Total number of lifts: 82
Week Ten distance travelled: 1615 km
Total distance travelled: 11349 km


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