What is it with Wednesdays? (And Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, for that matter.)

Friends, it has not been a good week at the office.

Cast your minds back, if you will, to that lonely road outside Santa Lucia, Argentina, ahead of our night’s stay in the police station. That day we set the record for our longest wait so far and felt like we had quite enough of all that, thank you.

We now know that we were lightweights back then. This week we endured not only one but four tricky days’ hitching. There was waiting, and some more waiting, and – wait! – waiting some more. Doesn’t sound that bad, does it? Well, it was EXHAUSTING.

We waited here for quite some time...

We waited here for quite some time…

... and became uncomfortably familiar with this petrol station, too.

… and became uncomfortably familiar with this petrol station, too.

Hours and hours and hours later we finally arrived in Curitiba to stay with our friend’s pai, Dirceu, and have been steadily repressing the memories of what has passed ever since. This will probably lead to strange manifestations of terror at some point, but for now we feel much restored.

At the botanical gardens in Curitiba.

At the botanical gardens in Curitiba.

In case we give the wrong impression, there were some excellent times this week, too. Possibly topping the list of ‘most unusual hitches’ so far, we got a ride with some goats. The moment when one freed itself from its tether was a concerning one, but we all made it through to the other side.


We saw the sea, too, returning to the Atlantic Ocean for the first time since leaving Ushuaia. It did mean that we had a three-hour walk the following morning to get out of town, but it was worth it.


Yesterday, our friend’s friend Cintia organised a lovely little gathering for us, and we spent several hours in awe of Ana and Rodrigo, who arrived home last month from 1000 days plus exploring every corner of the Americas. And we thought nine months was a long time! Fair play to them.

NB: Have we mentioned the breakfasts in Brazil? They fill us with sheer joy every morning: exotic fruits, fresh juices, coffee, granola, yoghurt, cheeses, meats, bread and ohmygoodnesshaveyouseenthe cakes. Most of our food for the rest of the day is furnished from this spread! We hope the hotel manager´s don´t mind too much.


If you are concerned that such a glorious gastronomic array might have a negative impact upon your body shape, fear not – the buses here make allowances for such an eventuality.


Total number of lifts: 103
Week Twelve distance travelled: 774 km
Total distance travelled: 13211 km



  1. Hi….oi eu sou o Paulo que deu carona na cidade de São josé dos campos., sp- brasil. Adorei conhece-los e participar dessa aventura de voces. Mande notícias. Thanks…. see you.!!!

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