You win some, you lose some, eh Brazil?

Brazil is a country of conflicts. There is its reputation for beautiful women, and then there are loads and loads of really overweight people. There’s all this incredible fruit, and then there’s the fact that they add tons of sugar to everything.  The people are super chilled out, but almost everyone warns us about how careful we need to be. Sometimes hitching is easy-peasy, and other times it’s really quite a chore.

Monday was one of these “this is not as straightforward as we thought” days. Rondonópolis, our departure point, is Brazil’s second hottest city, so it was really rather sweaty waiting for four hours before our first ride. We had moved locations a few times so it wasn’t as awful as the wait at petrol-station-that-will-not-be-named, but still.

This is what colour your feet turn when you hitchhike in flipflops.

This is what colour your feet turn when you hitchhike in flip-flops.

However, by the end of the day we were in Cuiabá, our intended destination, so all was forgiven. Here we set up camp in order to watch the Germany vs. Brazil 7-1 trouncing on Tuesday: a horrible, horrible experience. This was not particularly because we were in Brazil; the supporters around us gradually switched allegiance to the opposition and became more enthusiastic with every goal that passed. No, it was probably painful to watch wherever you were in the world.

Don't make me watch.

Don’t make me watch.

We hopped along a couple of hundred kilometres on Wednesday, pausing for Argentina vs. Holland, and then on Thursday headed out to make for the next state. By 9.30am this plan had been intercepted by the lovely Raimundo and Dilma, who invited us to spend the day at their country home. Here we learnt to fish and watched as a chicken transformed from pecking at food to being pecked as food. It was an informative day.

Raimundo caught a fish. We didn't.

Raimundo caught a fish. We didn’t.

One chicken is about to meet its maker. The other doesn't care. Heartless.

One chicken is about to meet its maker. The other doesn’t care. Heartless.

We like to set personal best’s as often as possible, so on Friday we achieved a mighty 1,000km in one day, principally aided by Fernando the trucker. It was a long stretch, finished with a two-hour kip in our tent from 4am to 6am on Saturday (the tent out again! This is worryingly quickly becoming a habit), but we have rested up now by enjoying the surrounds here in Porto Velho.


Seeing as this is our last weekend in Brazil, we have made the most of the hotel breakfast – well, we need the energy to push through to Peru, don’t we?

To be fair, Steve likes to have a separate plate for each item.

To be fair, Steve likes to have a separate plate for each item.

Total number of lifts: 141
Week Seventeen distance travelled: 1,678 km
Total distance travelled: 19,544 km


(The scale makes this look less impressive than it was.)



  1. Hola! Espero que no habais aprendido demasiado Portuges y podeis recorder un poquito de vuestro Espanol!! Estoy pensando y orando para vosotros! Cuidaros y disfrutarse! Un beso XX

    1. Hola Gemma! Good to hear from you! No, we haven`t forgotten all our Spanish, although it`s going to take a while to reintegrate back here in Spanish-speaking Peru. Love to you and Jonathan.x

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