Coast to coast

One hundred and sixty-five days since leaving Ushuaia, we arrived yesterday at the Caribbean coast. It felt good, particularly after a long week on the road.

Hitchhiking can be a lot of fun, but it can also be exhausting. This week featured more of the latter. Here are a few of the lowlights:


Entering a new vehicle, the last thing you want to see is a large kitchen knife. (At least it was on our side of the truck.)


Capital cities are interesting, but they are also very large. Thank you Bogota for testing our resolve with a cool 20km-hike.


We’re all smiles here, but this was before our driver ditched us, as darkness fell, an agonising 50km short of Santa Marta. The next few hours were not fun. Cheers, Raul.

But enough of all that, for the week also featured some spectacular highlights and special moments of kindness from complete strangers. We often rave about the kindness of our drivers, but it isn’t only them to whom we are indebted…


Henry, a university friend, hosted us for two nights in Bogota.


This family brought us tuna sandwiches and a bottle of fizzy drink as we waited for a ride near Bucaramanga.


Juan and Justin (both 19) helped us hitch a ride on a truck.

Now we have to turn our attention to the small matter of attempting to hitch a ride across the ocean, to Panama. If only the Darien Gap (the jungle seperating Colombia and Panama) wasn’t 160km long and infamous for drug cartels, we might consider walking it. As it is, our eyes turn to the ocean.


Maybe we could just nick one of these…

Total number of lifts: 229
Week Twenty-Four distance travelled: 1236 km
Total distance travelled:  27,004 km





  1. I’ve certainly wondered about how exhausting your travels must be… so many new experiences, impressions, cultures, hitching-styles, tho not as many different languages as between UK and Malaysia. Don’t lose out on future pleasures by getting over-tired… But do keep the write-ups coming. They, and you, are amazing and inspirational : ) Blessings, Brig

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