Back on track

Two weeks without a blog! Did you miss us?

Our journey over the Caribbean Sea spanned six days and left us further south than when we started, but it also afforded us a welcome break from the road and the chance to sail through the beautiful San Blas island range with a terrific group of people (two Aussies, a Canadian, a Dane, an Argentinian and a fellow Brit).


They say there are 365 islands, one for each day of the year.

Even after a full week here in Central America and having already exited Panama, we remain at a lower latitude than Cartagena, but we are encouraged by the short distances between the countries here. It took us just a few hours yesterday (20 Sep) to cover about a third of the length of Costa Rica.

Somewhat less encouraging was the sign pinned to the door of our beach-side room here in Playa Dominical.


“Avoid stopping when a stranger asks you for a ride” features in a list of “Tips for having a great and safe vacation in Costa Rica and the rest of the world”.

Despite not yet having to wait longer than an hour for a ride in Central America, we have noticed that drivers appear less receptive. We’ve had more of a mix of nationalities pick us up – two Spaniards, a Peruvian, a few Americans – and maybe this will be more of a trend here. We’re hoping that the ‘foreigner’ aspect will still gain us brownie points at least until the US!

Other observations on our first week in Central America:


It rains a lot.


Panama City has some nice old buildings…


…and some nice new ones too.

So, how many countries will we have been through by this time next week? Answers in a glass bottle floated across the ocean, please.

Total number of lifts: 247
Week Twenty-Six distance travelled: 751 km
Total distance travelled:  27,969 km


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