To Mexico

OK, that’s quite enough border hopping for now, thank you! We crossed another two this week (from El Salvador into Guatemala, then on into Mexico), but given the size of our new host country, our next frontera looks a long way off.

Despite the brevity of our stay in the smaller Central American nations, we left with fond memories of each one, and none more so than the beautiful Guatemala.


Antigua Guatemala lies beneath three giant volcanoes. From the mirador atop the former capital, the clouds held back just long enough for us to see one of them, Volcán de Agua.


We saw three more volcanoes (one’s hiding) the next day from the other side of Lago Atitlán.

As we entered Mexico late on Friday afternoon, we prayed hitch-hiking would prove as easy as it had in the rest of Central America.

The early signs were good: our first ride came from the first vehicle to pass. (A tip of the cap to camionero Carlos.) Our second proved to be the last of the week, thanks to the wonderful Paulina and hubby-to-be, Samuel.


Paulina and Samuel were taking some tyres from a garage in the town of Tapachula to another in their hometown of Huixtla, where they invited us to join them for lunch (quesadillas), then offered us a bed for the night. What a wonderful weekend we shared!

It just so happened that we had arrived in Huixtla on the town’s most celebrated day of the year, the day of their patron saint, San Francisco de Asís. The celebrations went long into the night.


This group of mariachis lit up the night with their fine singing and playing.


This man dressed up for the occasion.


We were invited to join Samuel, Paulina and friends at a late-night barbeque, complete with usual mountain of tortillas. They eat a LOT of them here.

In a town where everyone knows everyone, we were made to feel very much at home, gifted a bottle of Mezcal (a spirit like tequila) to drink when we arrive in Alaska, and even invited to the wedding in March. We promised we’ll be there, if able. But for now, our eyes are fixed northwards.

Total number of lifts: 284
Week Twenty-Eight distance travelled: 638 km
Total distance travelled:  29,643 km



  1. Thanks be to God or to Francis and his angels….wonderful to hear you are safely in Mexico. With so many blessings you are in our hearts
    love Dana and Nigelo, Spanish version

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