Milestones and ‘must see’s

Alright everyone, time for a few “whoop whoops”, at the end of a week in which we not only passed the 30,000-kilometre mark, but also totalled more than 300 drivers. (If only it were Week 30 as well, that would have been really tidy.) Hooray for continuing progress!

Sometimes people say to us,
“You’re going so quickly! You HAVE to see this thing. And this place, well, it’s the BEST PLACE in the whole country. And why did you go there? This other part would have been so much better.”

We know that these people are probably right. But we also know it’s unlikely that they’ve ever tried to hitch-hike to these places, or tried to fit in the number of kilometres we’re travelling into the number of months we have, or have been on the kind of adventure where the people met along the way are just as important as the places visited. So we will humbly accept people’s chagrin, and will have a jolly good time nonetheless.

This week, we reckon we’ve done quite well for following people’s “must see/do” advice, on top of meeting some excellent characters. We have:


Visited San Cristóbal de Las Casas (“of the houses”), a pretty colonial city in the hills.


Tasted mezcal (a drink made from the same cactus plant as tequila) in a mezcaleria in Oaxaca.


Eaten ‘mole’ in a Oaxaqueño market – a savoury dish made from over 40 ingredients (including chocolate).


Attended a Sunday mass in the Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico City.

And that was all whilst we weren’t hitchhiking. We’ve also:


Had a fair amount of riding in the back of pick-up trucks, under an unforgiving sun.


Seen possibly the biggest wind farm in the world (that’s not a fact, we’re just guessing).


Been saved from an anticipated 17-kilometre walk through Mexico City by Juan the man…


…and Arturo, Mauricio and Eduardo. Legends.

So, not a bad week in all, finished up in the sprawling capital city. While the London metropolitan area has a population of 13 million, the equivalent area in Mexico City has a population of 21 million. Yep, it’s large. Thank you to Farid, our friend-of-a-friend host, for making it feel less daunting!


Total number of lifts: 304
Week Twenty-Nine distance travelled: 1445 km
Total distance travelled:  31,088 km


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