The home straight

OK, so we may not even be in the States yet, but after a 22-hour, 1,000-km truck ride yesterday (17 Oct) took us to within spitting distance of the border, it’s certainly starting to feel like we’re on the final stretch.

And given that we’ve averaged more than 1,000km a week for the last 30 weeks, the 6,000km seperating us from Alaska doesn’t sound like very much.

One thousand kilometres per week might sound like quite a lot (it’s roughly the length of Britain, so I guess that it is), but when you’re on the road and in countries rather larger than our own, the distance can pass without a great deal of effort.

Take this week for example. Like the vast majority of our weeks on the road, despite certainly wishing to make progress, we never felt rushed.


…We witnessed Mexico’s strange infatuation with Santa Muerte (Saint Death) first hand, in Edgar’s truck…


…Found time to wander the pretty streets of Queretaro…


…Spent a few nights enjoying Guanajuato’s annual Cervantino festival. We watched, and mainly understood, two plays (Oedipus Rex and Much Ado About Nothing) in Spanish…


…Popped along to the city’s mummy museum. Terrifying…


…Drank tequila in Guadalajara, state capital of Jalisco, where the drink was born…


…Had a few rides perched in precarious positions, including this one – sharing the back of Hector’s pick-up truck with a large petrol tank…


…Passed in and out of the infamous state of Sinaloa, known for its drug traffickers…


…Watched the sun rise over the Sonoran Desert as we helped camionero Cordelio not to fall asleep. Somehow he managed to drive throughout the night…

All in all, quite a week. Special thanks to camionero Cordelio. What a hero!


Total number of lifts: 321
Week Thirty distance travelled: 1,826 km
Total distance travelled: 32,914 km


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