On 18 March 2014, British couple Steve and Jo Dew-Jones flew to the bottom tip of Argentina, and began hitch-hiking north… aiming for Alaska by the end of the year. They arrived at the “End of the Road” in Homer, Alaska on 26 November.

During the journey, they received rides from 392 drivers, travelling over 26,000 miles. The rule of the trip was to only hitch-hike: no buses, taxis or any other form of paid transport. Hence the name, “The Rule of Thumb #2” – number two because Steve did it before (from England to Malaysia).

A book about the adventure, The Rule of Thumb 2, was published in July 2016. You can get your copy here.

Press coverage: Spire FM, Salisbury Journal



    1. Thanks Patrick! In the end, we had to wait until this morning (22 Nov) for a ride, but the upside of this was two nights being looked after by kind Canadian strangers. The first was a lady who lived next to the Shepherd’s Inn and invited us to stay when we found out there were no rooms left. And now we’re staying with our drivers today, Leona and Steve, who we met this morning at the Shepherd’s Inn and who took us all the way here to Fort Nelson!

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